Email Marketing

Your competitors are constantly trying to win your customers over.  Are you taking the steps necessary to retain your clientele?

Email MarketingWhy does your company need email marketing?

  • Email marketing is a cost-effective method for nurturing existing customers and gaining new ones. It offers the highest return on investment in online marketing; according to the Direct Marketing association, you can expect an average return of $40.56 for every dollar spent.
  • 73% of leads are not ready to buy. Followup emails can help close these sales.
  • Email is still the easiest way to reach the greatest number of people. There are 3 times as many email accounts as Twitter and Facebook accounts combined.
  • 72% of people check their email 6 or more times a day.
  • 81% of marketers use email as a lead generation tool. They wouldn’t if it doesn’t work.

Let us build your email marketing campaign. We offer:

  • Custom email template built specifically for your company.
  • Custom signup form to be integrated with your website that’s designed to attract subscribers.
  • Marketing techniques to further increase opt-in rate.
  • Professionally written email broadcasts and/or followup autoresponders.
  • Analysis of open/unsubscribe/click-through rates after each sent email to help us tweak and improve future performance.

Track your success

The entire process is tracked in our proprietary email reporting tool and reports can be automatically sent to you. You’ll get detailed email analytics, including the number of list members who opened your email, the number of unsubscribes, how many email addresses on your list are invalid, how many people clicked a link(s) in your email, and so on.

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