Why Hire a Houston SEO Expert?

Houston SEO Expert

In this article we’ll discuss how to hire a Houston SEO Expert

When finding a Houston SEO Expert, you must learn that Search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is an essential part of your overall online marketing strategy that a Houston SEO expert can implement on your behalf. As more and more consumers turn to the Internet when searching for local businesses to use, if you can’t be found on search engines, you are losing potential customers to your competitors who can.

How to find a Houston SEO Expert

As an example, let’s go through the steps a typical consumer would take when they’re looking for a local product or service. Let’s say that a woman named Samantha lives in Houston and needs a realtor. What would she do? First, she visits Google and types in “realtor in Houston”. She may type in other similar keywords as well, such as “Houston realtor” or “real estate agent Houston”. A Houston SEO expert can help you select the keywords consumers are most likely typing in for your business as well.

Google returns a list of Houston-based realtors for Samantha. Next, she wants to visit a few of these realtors’ websites, learn more about each of them, and perhaps read other home buyers’ experiences with each prospective realtor before making a decision.

If you’re wondering why Samantha doesn’t just turn to the Yellow Pages, there are many reasons. For one thing, it takes less effort to go to Google and type in what’s needed, especially if Samantha happens to be on the go and only has access to her smartphone. Second, Yellow Pages listings don’t provide the now much needed social proof. It may have 10 ads for realtors, each claiming to be the best. Plus, each ad is so small and can’t fit in much information. What if Samantha wanted to see the realtor’s past listings? She’d have to turn to her computer or smartphone anyway to visit the realtor’s website.

Hire a Houston SEO Expert or Do It Yourself?

Now that you understand why you need SEO, you can either do it yourself or hire a Houston SEO expert. Doing it yourself has the advantage of being low cost or free, but you would need to spend a large chunk of time for Website Marketing Houston, both on education and on the actual work. In addition, if you make a mistake as many new to SEO inevitably do, you will see no results or even get penalized by search engines and lose any existing rankings you have.

A qualified Houston SEO expert can set up and implement a viable SEO strategy designed especially for your company’s unique needs. They will discuss your goals with you and find the best path to reach them. They would also have gone through the fire hoops and know what to avoid in order to keep your website in good standing with search engines. The importance of the latter point cannot be understated, because once your site gets penalized, it’s extremely difficult to move it back to where it previously ranked.

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