Local Marketing

Local Marketing

Can prospective customers easily find you on local listing sites, such as Yelp and Google+ Local? Consumers are quickly adapting to go directly to these sites when they’re looking for local businesses just like yours. It’s imperative for you to establish a strong presence on these mediums in order to attract as many new leads and customers as possible.

Local Listings Setup and Ranking

Local Marketing

Each of your local business listings will be 100% set up and optimized for better search placement. We take care of everything, including:

- Correct/identical contact info across the board*
- Proper category setup
- Ideal service and location settings
- Hours of operation
- Payment options
- Description optimization
- Coupons and special deals as needed
- Tag & optimize images
- Create or upload existing videos
- Additional details as required

* This is crucial! Your listings can be deleted or updated without your consent by local directories if your information does not match from site to site.

Local Listings Ranking (with focus on Google+ Local):

Our systematized Google Places ranking system performs all the proper steps to get your listing ranked in top tier over time. We will monitor your ranking on a weekly basis and do whatever is necessary to improve/maintain your ranking. Our eventual goal will of course be to take your business to the top spot for the most relevant keywords.

We use the following methods below to increase the ranking of your Google+ Local listing over time:

- Add citations for your business across the web
- Create backlinks to your local listings
- Properly optimize photos and videos to be search engine friendly
- File uploads to server
- Interlink your local listings on different platforms
- KMZ File Creation
- Anchor links within footer
- Insert address in search engine friendly mark-up language
- Constant monitoring
- Adjusting for relevant Google algorithm changes (happens often)

We will also do our best to make your listing “stand out” among the masses, and generate as much targeted traffic to your listing as possible.

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