Mobile Marketing Using Texts/SMS

by admin on November 30, 2012

While marketing via text messaging (SMS) is not the most popular form of mobile marketing in the United States by a long shot, its ubiquity worldwide is so strong that it’s definitely worth a mention. There are companies in the United States that do engage in mobile marketing through texting as well, but the strict restrictions here have made this a harder avenue of media marketing to break into.

Mobile MarketingMobile marketing through text messaging is exactly what it sounds like – a company sends out advertisements and other communication to customers through a texting service. This has been a very effective and popular form of advertising throughout Asia and Europe in particular, despite being unpopular at the onset due to widespread concerns about spam.

As an American company, you might shy away from mobile marketing through texting, as you may feel like you’re “bothering” customers with your texts. While this might be true if you continuously spam your list day in and day out, the reality of it is that when used correctly, this form of marketing is an effective communication medium that’s capable of generating a great deal of leads and sales for your business.

The trick is to make it an opt-in system. In fact, in the United States it’s a legal obligation to make mobile marketing a voluntary opt-in, opt-out system, as this is the linchpin that keeps text message marketing from becoming a vessel for mass spam. Using texts to get a hold of potential customers is actually a great way to engage with them because people are virtually glued to their phones these days, and most will not ignore text messages like they do emails.

Most companies who use this marketing method in the States release print, television, or radio ads announcing the fact that interested consumers can connect with the company through texting and get discounts and other such promotional offers on their phones periodically. Only customers who voluntarily sign up for text message alerts will receive said offers.

It’s now easier than ever for small businesses to take advantage of SMS marketing. Companies like Twilio and CallFire will host your mobile subscriber list and blast out your text message broadcasts for as low as $0.01 per message.

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