Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

There are 98 million smartphones already in use in the United States, and this number is projected to double by 2014. When a prospective customer visits your website on his smart device, he expects to see mobile friendly design and content. A normal website is very difficult to navigate through and interact with on a tiny phone screen, therefore rendering a poor user experience. You need a mobile website that’s simple yet professional, easily readable, and functional.

Our design team will create a mobile website for you that includes the following benefits:

  • Automatic mobile detection – Visitors browsing your website from smartphones will be redirected to the mobile-optimized version.
  • Consistent with your current web presence – Your mobile site will be designed to match the layout and color scheme of your regular website for business branding purposes.
  • Ease of navigation – We’ll create a logical menu system that makes it easy for your visitors to find the exact information they’re looking for, and fast.
  • Call to action – Your site will include a click-to-call button that makes it a snap for prospective customers to contact you.
  • Mobile map – Your customers can easily access driving directions to your establishment from any starting location with their phone’s native map application.
  • Fast loading times – Your mobile site will be lightweight and uncluttered. Visitors using their 3G/4G data plan on-the-go will appreciate how fast it loads.

Examples of mobile-optimized websites:

Mobile Designs

We also specialize in the following related services:

  • QR code setup and maintenance.
  • Text messaging (SMS) marketing and subscriber list management.
  • Autodialing campaign (for business-to-business clients only).

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