Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Videos make excellent lead generation tools because they stand out so much more than simple website listings. We are visual by nature, and our eyes automatically gravitate towards the video thumbnails found in search engine results. When properly optimized, each of our video campaigns can result in hundreds of first page Google rankings.

Examples of how much videos stand out in Google search results:

Video Marketing Results

How our video marketing program works:

  • We create anywhere from 5 to 100+ industry specific videos for each campaign, depending on your company’s unique goals. Our campaigns target both city/town/suburb names as well as zip codes.
  • Each campaign is guaranteed to generate page one Google rankings for over one hundred laser-targeted search terms.
  • A tracking phone number is included with every campaign. This phone number will be listed in the title and description of each video, and calls will be forwarded to any phone number of your choice. Calls made through this tracking phone number will be recorded. This way, you know exactly where the leads come from.
  • Each video is branded for your company. Your company’s name, address, and website URL are included in the video descriptions. 
  • For our local clients, we can film personalized videos on-site at your location.

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